22. Switches

This is a 2 or 4 count pattern that can be stretched out indeffinitely. This patterns shows off the hip motion of the follower.

For the leader:

As a four count pattern (there are many variations), with his weight on his right foot, he taps back with his left foot on 1. As he does this he moves his left hand to the left about six inches. On 2, he brings his left foot back together with right and puts his weight on his left foot, pivots slightly counter clockwise, and moves his left hand to the right. On 3, he taps back with his right foot. On 4, he brings his right foot back next to his left and puts his weight on to his right foot and turns clockwise slightly. Counts 1-4 are then repeated.
For the follower:
The follower does a swivel ball change. On 1, she swivels to the right with her weight on her left foot. On &, she swivels to the left and travels slightly to the left, stepping with her right foot. On 2, she completes the swivel to the left by making a weight change on to her left foot. Counts 1,2 are then repeated. In this pattern, it is very important that the follower have a very strong counter balance connection. Such a connection will allow the follower to travel around the leader without bouncing during the ball change of her switches.

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