21. The lunge

Shown: The Lunge, Sugar
Push, The Lunge

The lunge is a six count sugar push variation.

For the leader:

The leader signals this pattern by twisting the follower on 1,2. On 1,2 the leader does a rock step. On 1, the leader twists the follower by pulling in with his right hand and pushing out with his left. On 2, he does just the opposite and he pushes with his right hand as he pulls with his left. On 3, the leader puts all of his weight on his left leg and stretches his right leg back for support. There is a hold on 4. On 5&6, the leader pushes the follower away and does a triple sit.

For the follower:
On 1,2, she is led to walk or swivel forward. On 3, the follower lunges by putting all over her weight on her left foot as she extends her right foot back. The follower should be supporting all of her own weight but she should press firmly into the leaderís hands with her hands. There is a hold on 4. On 5&6, the follower steps back and does a triple sit or a triple cross behind.

It is important to note the distinction between the lunge and free spin from two hand open position. In the lunge the twist occurs on the 1,2 and the follower is led forward. In the free spin from two hand open position, the twist occurs from 1 to 3 and the follower is not led forward.

She is up straight and he
is forward before the...



She bends straight down
on her left foot, pressing
her hands into his hands.

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