20. Free spin from two-hand open position

From the start...

The exaggerated back step
is led with the arms. There
must be tension in the arms
for her to react quickly enough
to the lead.

He goes palm up and
and pushes to lead
the free (no hands) spin.

During the turn, his
hands are positioned for
her return


His left and her right are
both waist high, so the
'catch' should go smoothly without
any grabbing for hands.

This is a six count pattern.

For the leader:

On 1,2 the leader does a rock step. He does not lead the follower forward but, instead, twists her by pushing out with his left and pulling in with his right on 1. On 3&4, the leaderís footwork is a triple push. On 3, the leader twists the follower in the other direction and stops her by placing his left palm toward her just above his waist level. On 4, the leader pushes the followerís right hand away for her to do a free spin in place. On 3&4, the leader finishes with a triple sit.

For the follower:
She does not get led forward but gets twisted in place. On 1, she is twisted to swivel to the right. On 2,3, she is twisted to the left until she is stopped on 3 by the leaderís left hand pressing flat against her right hand. The follower then turns clockwise on &4 with a triple step and turning 360 degrees. The follower then finishes with a triple sit on 5&6.

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