19. Two hand open tuck double turn

Shown: Featured Figure, Sugar
Push, Featured Figure

The back step on count 1 creates
more distance in open position
than in closed position
which contrasts nicely
with the ...

...tuck (close together),
and the ...

...turn (apart again)

This is an eight count pattern. The leader can get into position to do this pattern by doing either a send out to two hand open position or a whip with a shoulder slide to two hand open position. Again, both of those patterns are in level 1, but here are links to the movie clips if you wish to review:

Send Out to 2-Hand Open Position
Whip with Shoulder Slide to 2-Hand Open Position

Starting from two hand open position, on 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leaders the follower forward as he does this. At the same time, on 1, he twists the follower by pulling his right hand back while pushing forward slightly with his right hand. On 2, the leader must step out of the follower's way so that she can move forward in a straight line. On 3, The leader raises his left hand face level, opens his hand and stops the follower by pressing against her right hand with his left.

The footwork on 3&4 is a triple push. On 5,6, the leader goes walk walk, gently tosses the follower's left hand with is right hand in front of her clockwise, and turns his left hand in a small, gentle but firm, stirring motion over and in front of the follower's forehead to lead the follower in one and a half turns. On 7&8, the leader does a triple sit.

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