17. Right hand pull through from open to whip

Shown: Right Hand Pull
through to whip,
Underarm Turn (change
hands), 2nd Pull through

This is an eight count pattern. The leader can get into position to do this pattern by doing either a send out to two hand open position or a whip with a shoulder slide to two hand open position, both of which are in Lindy Hop level 1, but here are links to the movie clips for review:

Send Out to 2-Hand Open Position
Whip with Shoulder Slide to 2-Hand Open Position

THE HANDS: By count 3,
the lady is in a free spin
but already both have their
hands positioned to re-

The lady's right
hand and the leader's left
hand (soon to be connected)
are at the same height,
and the lady's left is raised
in anticipation of a quick landing
on the leader's shoulder, The
re-connection is shown in
the following photo.

The lady's left finds
the leader's shoulder and their
hands reconnect on count 4, all
the quicker due to having had their
hands at the same height through
the free spin.

Follow the angularity
of the chests...



to the other side...


For the leader:

The footwork for the leader is his regular whip footwork. To lead the follower into a counter clockwise free spin, on 1,2, the leader does a j hook making a small half circle motion to the left with his right hand. As the leader's right hand comes back to the right on 2, he lets go of the follower's left hand so that she can continue with her momentum into a free spin on 3&4. On 4, the leader and follower should be their regular whip position.

For the follower:
On 1,2, she walks or swivels. On 3, the follower steps forward and to the left with her right foot. On &, she turns counter clockwise and steps back with her left foot. On 4, she gets into her regular whip position and touches forward with her right foot while maintaining her weight on her left foot. The rest of this pattern, 5-8, is whip with or without swivels for the follower.

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