15. Pull through whip

Shown: Pull through
whip, Lindy circle,
2nd Pull through whip

The Hands are positioned
to reconnect

Each is looking opposite
to the direction they
will be going

This is an eight count pattern.

1 through 4 is the same as the pull through from closed position to closed position. 5 through 8 is basically the same as in the basic whip. The one difference is that on 5 the leader will have to allow for a little more space between himself and the follower. This is because the follower’s right forearm will be stretched out slightly more at 5 than it would be during a basic whip. If as the leader, you find that you are too close on 5 to grab the follower’s right hand, you can grab the under side of the follower’s right forearm and then, on 6, slide down her forearm to take hold of her hand. At 5, the leader’s left forearm and the follower’s right forearm should be relatively parallel with the ground except, of course if there is a significant height difference between the leader and the follower.

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