14. Pull through to closed position or
open position from closed position

Shown: Pull through to
closed position, Pull through
to open position

This is a six count pattern.

For the leader:

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step by stepping back with his left foot on 1 and crossing over to the left with his right foot on 2. As he does this he opens the follower up on 1 and then on 2 he pivots the follower back in and gently tosses her right hand around counter clockwise so that she will continue turning in a free spin in that direction. As he does this he allows his right hand finger tips to slide around the follower’s waist. On 3&4, the leader does a triple push around the follower clockwise. On 5&6, the leader does a triple sit and holds out his left hand to stop the rotation of the follower. Both the leader and the follower should end up in closed position.

Even though in the middle
of her spin she has not
turned to face him yet, her
head is turned toward him,
which generally is good form.

For the follower:

On 1, the follower is leader back on to her right foot. On 2, the follower is leader forward on to her left foot and her left hand is released to send her into counter clockwise turn. On 3&4, the follower triple pushes around counter clockwise. On 5&6, the follower is stopped by the leader’s left hand contacting her right hand and the follower does a triple sit in closed position.

To do this pattern from closed position to one hand open position, the leader removes his right hand from the follower’s back after count two and allows the follower to turn until she is facing the leader. If the follower does not feel the leader’s right hand on her back then she can continue turning until she is facing the leader in one hand open position.

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