12. Lindy circle

The lindy circle allows the leader and follower to go from open to closed position in eight counts.

On count 1, the couple
back step fairly distant from
one another in contrast with...

...the closeness required to
optimally do the circling.

For style, the lady seldom
has her free hand (unheld)

For the leader:

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leads the follower forward while getting out of her way. On 3&4, the leader does a triple step turning 180 degrees and catches the follower putting his right hand across the follower's back on to her right shoulder blade. On 5,6 the leader goes step step and continues to hold on to the follower with his right hand. On 7&8, the leader does a triple with the follower into closed position.

For the follower:
On 1,2 she does a walk walk in a straight line. On 3&4 the follower does a triple step and sits into the leader's right hand forming a solid connection. On 5,6 the follower goes step step and since the leader does not let her go she stays in closed position. On 7&8 the follower does a triple sit with the leader.

It is important that there is strong connection with the leader's right hand when the follower comes into closed position on count 4. This connection allows the leader and follower to use centrifugal force to facilitate their rotation. If properly connected, a leader should be able to do a lindy circle and rotate 360 degrees.

That concludes Lindy Hop 1. If you have managed to do most of the level 1 material, you are already a whiz. Lindy Hop 2 is more of the same, only more showy. As well as new figures, Lindy Hop 2 has a "demo", a one minute long dance clip of the moves in Lindy Hop 1 and 2. Here's the Lindy Hop 2 table of contents. Also, check out the Lindy Hop 2 previews: The Quick Stop and the Right hand pull through from open position to whip.

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