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SWING 1 - Chapters 1 to 4 & Demo

Beginning to Intermediate Jitterbug

Swing 1 - Beginning to Intermediate Jitterbug - Chapters 1 through 4
(Chapter 4, our favorite, is included in both Swing 1 and 2)


Chapter One - Variations of basic step
1a.     General introduction & Single step basic in open position

1b.     Triple step basic in open position

1c.     Feet close-up, transition from single step basic to triple step basic

1d.    Feet close-up, transition from single step basic to kick step basic

1e.     Feet close-up kick basic

1f.     Basic in closed position

1g.     Traveling triple step basic in closed position

Chapter Two - "Position transition" getting from open to closed position and vice versa
2a.     Open position to closed position

2b.     Closed position with exit to open position

2c.     Closed basic with tuck turn exit

2d.     Open position, waist turn to closed position, walk out to open position

Chapter Three - Underarm turn and variations
3a.     Underarm turn

3b.     Underarm turn using triple step

3c.     Underarm turn using a kick step

3d.     Underarm cut-off

Chapter Four - Uncomplicated but endearing moves
4a.     Turnstyle Turn

4b.     Underarm Turn to Immediate Closed Position (the Catch)

4c.     The lunge

Combination: Turnstyle Turn, Catch, Lunge

4d.     "She goes, He goes"

4e.     Neck Wrap Slide Away

4f.     Neck Wrap Push Away

Combination: She goes He goes, Slide Away, Push Away

4g.     Leg over

4h.     Duck under lady's arm

4i.      Double Cut-off with Double Turn

Combination: Leg Over, Duck, Double Cut-off

4j.     The Lean

4k.    Mini-dip

4l.     One-hand both turn "under arms"

4m.   Cuddle right, cuddle left

Combination: Lean, Mini-dip, Both Turn, Cuddle

Demonstration Video 1

Demonstration video (click here) - 35 seconds


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Swing 2, Intermediate/Advanced Jitterbug.

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