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Video Primer

An Essay on the Elements of Close Embrace (with Videos)


For Dancers with Argentine Tango Background and Adventurers

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Editor's Caveat: A grouping of nifty figures this is not! Due to the nature of
the content, the text here is more important than the videos, the reverse
of every other section in DanceTutor to date.

How it works:
  • 1) you create an account starting on the home page
  • 2) follow the prompts & select a dance(s)
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and you have access to the instruction video pages for 1 or 2 months,
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x. Author's Introduction

1.    Posture and Standing

2.    The Idea of Forward Motion

3.    Walking Forward

4.    Walking Backward

5.    Embrace: a symetrical hug

6.    Exercise

7.    The Lead-Follow of Weight change

8.    Leading & Following to the Cross

9.    De-armament: leading and following Chest to Chest

10.    Rhythms

11.    Quick-Quick-Slow-Slow

12.    Rock Step S-i-i-i-ide Step

13.    Rock Step Side Step with 90 Degree Rotation

14.    Salida with syncopation an 8 count pattern in 5 counts

15.    Back Ocho

16.    Ocho Cortado

17.    Demonstration

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