5. Embrace

   One forward and two short side steps--
   bringing the non-stepping foot together
   with the stepping foot

Exercise 5.

Same as exercise 4. Take one forward step and two side steps, all on the beat. Followers, at each side step, swing the free leg close to the other leg before taking the next side step (or forward step). This refers to the standard advice – always collect your feet between steps.

A good embrace is the most critical aspect of ‘connection’ in close-embrace style. The general terms to describe a ‘good’ embrace are firm, gentle, supple, relaxed, unforced. Some of these terms may be argued to contradict each other but that is just the limitation of verbal communication. Think of the embrace as a nice hug to someone you care for.

Dancetutor: Will the leader's right hand and arm in the embrace slide on the follower's back depending of the movements, or would you say it is mostly fixed (on her shoulder blade or wherever)?

Sridhar: This is another critical difference in open style and the close style I prefer. There is no motion "between" the partners. The torsos are glued together (there may be slight peeling and unpeeling) so there is no "need" to slide the hand around.

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