14. Salida with syncopation – an 8 count pattern in 5 counts

Recall the basic 8-count pattern you have learned. (If you need to see it, click here). Starting with the back step (for leaders) then LS (salida), RF, then leading the follower to cross and then the resolution. And if you have been dancing a bit you also know that you hardly ever do this entire pattern for multiple reason that we will not get into. We will make 3 changes to this pattern – get rid of the back step, syncopate at the salida for leaders and get rid of the last weight change of the resolution so that this becomes a more compact pattern steadily moving forward in the line of dance.

Exercise 14.

Starting with leader on the right foot and follower on the left

Step Leader FollowerCount
1 Left side Right side 1
2 Bring right foot next to Left and change weight AND
3 Left forward Left backward 2
4 Right forward Right backward 3
5 Cross left in front of right and change weight AND
6 Left forward Right backward4
7 Right side Left side 5

`AND’ refers to the double beat. So there are 2 Quick-Quick steps (or syncopations) in this pattern, one for leader and one for the follower, which takes us from parallel system to cross system at step 2 and back to parallel system at step 5.

We got rid of the back step because you are highly encouraged never to take a back step in a crowded floor without absolutely being sure that you won’t step on someone.

DT: Be aware that notwithstanding the advisability of not stepping back contra the line of dance, it is standard practice in most venues we are aware of, given the ubiquitousness of the unmodified "8-count sequence".
Syncopation at the step 2 makes it much easier to take the next step in close embrace since it is very hard to keep the embrace intact without contorting your bodies while the leader steps forward with right and the follower steps back on left leg (parallel system). It is possible and is done for certain effect but it makes it easier and smoother to do this in cross-system as above.

At the end of this pattern you are back to square 1 and can start all over again.

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