Editor's Introduction: "Char Swing", Charleston as a Spice

For social swing dancing, the beginner usually starts with east coast swing (sometimes called "6-count" and sometimes called jitterbug) or lindy, the two most prevalent forms of swing dance, at least in the eastern United States. Our guess is that this is probably true in many places.

Lindy is considerably more difficult for the beginner than east coast swing, so east coast swing is the place to start in our opinion. Once the dancer is comfortable with lindy and east coast swing, there are other dances to spice things up. Charleston is one such spice.

Charleston is presented by DanceTutor as 12 figures, a demo and 2 sections on transitioning charleston to/from other dance forms, which by the numbers suggests that charleston is a dance by itself, enough to fill an entire song. We believe the better use of it is to combine it within songs with lindy, west coast swing or east coast swing as a spice. This idea of combining dances within the same song is nothing new. There is even a name that has grown in usage for the combination of balboa and lindy, "bal swing". We think the same idea is appropriate to charleston and swing, and thus our appelation, "char swing".

We hope you find it enchanting.

December, 2004

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