8. Swing out

Here, as in almost all the
figures, the connected arms
are never completely straight,
even in the heels figure on
the previous page

The leader "Kicks left and
skips right on 3", meaning
both at the same time, kicking
while skipping, a "kick-skip".
Their feet are close together
so, when he next puts his left
foot down....

....they rotate quite a bit.




From closed position, the pattern is the same as the 360 turn from 1-6. On 7, the leader lets go with his right hand and continues with his 360 turn footwork.

For the leader: To get back to closed position, the leader

Having swung out, the leader needs to get close again to the follower but he is on the wrong foot relative to hers, so on 3 he kicks with the unweighter left foot and skips on over to her with the weighted foot both at the same time (see 2nd still, left). A skip is sometimes referred to as a hop, and indicates taking a step with the foot that is already weighted.


For the follower,



Good couple rotation is easier if the feet of the leader and follower are close together, just as a top is easier to spin than a drum.

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