6. Half turn or Full turn (180 degrees or 360 degrees)

They are stepping in a line
but he is turning his upper
body which leads her to begin
to turn.

A big step around by the

Both do a double hitch
with their free foot.

A halfturn completed.




Whether the turn falls short of a complete halfturn or fullturn depends on the agility of the leader and follower, and, is in the end unimportant. A mistake of etiquette on the social dance floor is for the leader to drag the follower further than she can gracefully go. It generally looks rough when the leader overleads a difficult figure, but even if it looks okay and draws applause, the follower may be uncomfortable. It is often discussed that followers regard some of the fanciest-looking leaders as not fun to dance with.

This is an 8 count pattern.


For the leader,

If you do a 180 degree turn, do 5-8 in place. If you do a 360 turn, continue your momentum from 4 as you pump on 5 & 7.


For the follower

Important: To smooth this figure out and minimize bouncing, the follower should sit back into the leader's right hand. To practice this connection, the leader should do this pattern without holding the follower's right hand with his left.

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