5. Both Spin from Closed Position

On the rock step, the leader
leaves space between himself
and follower to allow for the spin.

He will bring his left arm

....and around they go.

A little arm action for emphasis.

Chin up with attitude.
She was quicker than he on
this one, but no problem....

....everything works out in
the end.

This is a six count pattern. Recognizing six and eight-count patterns is a matter of practice and familiarity. This recognition challenge is prominent also in west coast swing and lindy, both of which do 6s and 8s. A certain percentage of movements can be led, but there are others which go better if the follower already knows them. This six count pattern can be led, but perhaps with some difficulty if the follower is not familiar with the figure.

So, generally speaking, as in everything, some improvising on the fly is necessary. As the caption to the lower left suggests, everything works out in the end.

For the leader:

The leader leads the turn by building up tension on 1 with his right hand and then letting go on 2.

For the follower:

The follower must maintain her frame and not let her right arm out in order to maintain tension on 1 and then she follows her arm as it is led on 2 turning counter-clockwise.

The rock step is exaggerated (1st still,left), and in this figure it is a back step too, so a back rock step. This exaggeration lets the follower know that she is being prepared to come back strongly the other way. The whipsaw action is sometimes referred to as a "tuck turn" or "wind-up".

"Spin" generally means that the turn is on one foot instead of a stepping turn.

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