Kick outside and inside

Leader kicks with outside leg.

Follower kicks with outside leg.
(sorry for the poor angle)

Leader kicks with inside leg
or cross-body. Notice how
he has positioned himself to
the followers side in order to
create room to kick

Watch the next four stills
for great kick form:
Before the kick, her leg is bent, ....

...she straightens her leg,....

.....She bends her leg again

.....putting it down

Either can indiscriminately kick. These kinds of kicks are not led for the most part. If the leader is thinking to lead a turn, he should pay attention to the follower's footwork and should lead turns soon enough so that the follower is not in the middle of a kick. In short, kicks and turns may interfere with each other. With practice it all seems to work out.

The leader can kick outside by leaning to the left and kicking with his right foot on 5. The follower can kick outside or inside on count 1. The leader can kick inside on 5.

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