3. Repeats

The leader, in order to signal the
follower, keeps his upper body.....

...in the same place ("frozen
in space") as he moves his
leg front to back repeatedly.

The lead to this figure is extremely subtle and important to advanced lead-follow. During the repeating, the leader must "hold" the follower in place so as not to allow her to step immediately, yet he invites her forward and back with his upper body without allowing her to step. A skillful leader could lead this figure with a follower unfamiliar with it, but the follower would have to be good at "listening" to the physical cues (leads).

Here is the breakdown: This pattern holds on 1,2 or 5,6

After stepping 3,4, the leader stops and taps forward 5,6 and taps back with his left foot 7,8. Then repeat. The follower taps back on 5,6 and taps forward 7,8.

Repeat tapping on 1,2 is the same. The lead keeps his weight on his right foot and the follow is led to keep her weight on her right foot.

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