2. The closed position basic

The tap on the back step
(here the leader is doing it)
is generally bigger than
the forward tap step.

The lady's tap step (sometimes
called touch step). On the tap
step, no weight (or very nearly
no weight) is shifted onto the
stepping foot, though the step-
ping foot "taps" the floor

Here is the basic from closed position, "closed" meaning the dancers are touching in a dance hold and are not apart. The leader should connect with the follower by his right hand on the lower part of her left shoulder blade. The follower should sit back in the leader's right hand just a little so she feels changes from this connection point. The leader's left hand is in a swing grip with the follower's hand on top. Before starting the basic, the leader should step left right with the follower to make sure that he is connected with the follower .

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