14. Transition from Lindy to Face-to-Face Charleston

Just get her back in front
of you and start charleston-ing

The leader does a circle and cuts in front of the follower on 1 with his right leg.

Hold on 2.

Skip back and cross over your right leg with the left leg on 3,4 as the follower is led to do a 2-count weight change on her right foot.

The leader then taps forward on 5 with his right foot as the follow taps back with her left foot.

A more generic way of thinking about transitioning from lindy to charleston is to say the you need the follower in front of you and to whisper "charleston!" And you are off! What fun!

The next page is the last in this series. On it you will find a video demonstration of many charleston figures. For conciseness, the demo is almost exclusively charleston and not really a combination of charleston and other swing dances. It is not "char-swing". But hopefully with thought and patience you will be able to work out some transitions between charleston and other forms of swing dance.

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