13. Transition from Balboa to Charleston

Transitioning from one form to another within the same song is easier than it looks and is great fun. Six-count (commonly called jitterbug or east coast swing), Eight-count (incorrectly called lindy -- since lindy includes both 6 & 8 count), balboa, St. Louis Shag, west coast swing etc. are quite interchangeable most of the time. The trick is to learn the best transition points, and often to use verbal cues (e.g. "Charleston again!"). Even though a verbal cue breaks the sacred code of speechless leading, it is often too much fun to pass up in transitioning.

Anyway, the final two figures in this tutorial show charleston transitions with lindy and balboa which, of course, assumes a knowledge of balboa and lindy respectively.

From the balboa basic, do a prep into push breaks. (Balboa push breaks?! Okay, click here.) Once separation is achieved, rather than go into push breaks, go into the Charleston basic. From Charleston to balboa, the kick around is the same weight change as push breaks. Smooth out your kick around into push breaks and go back into the balboa basic.

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