12. From side-to-side to face-to-face Charleston

The follower's next step with her
right foot. Instead of straight
ahead, the leader redirects her...

....across & in front of him.
With a swivel, she is back to......

.....facing him.

It's great fun to do the charleston side-by-side. Most people think of charleston as danced side-by-side. The leader easily controls the transitions from side-by-side to face-to-face and vice versa with his movement and right arm. So long as the parties remain on the correct feet in the basic, the transitions should look and feel effortless.

Here are the feet. In side-to-side, the follower rock steps back on 1&2 to mirror the leader. The leader has his hand on the follower's waist. When the leader moves the follower to face to face on 2, he moves his hand to her shoulder and leads her forward on 3&4.

Going back to side-by-side, after 5, the leader walks the follower back so that they rock step together on 1,2.

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