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West Coast Swing 1
Polish-Amer. Polka 1
Polish-Amer. Polka 2
Argentine Tango 1
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Video Primer

Balboa: A Swing Dance for Quick Feet
(recommended for experienced dancers only)



xx. Author's introduction to Balboa
Chapter One - Demonstrations

A.    Extended Demonstration (1:16, very large file (2.4M), high speed connection = near 0 wait time, modem 56K = 12 minutes)

B.    Short Demo at Quicker Tempo

Chapter Two - Moves & Short Sequences

1.    Basic Footwork

2.    Basic Footwork In Closed Position.

3.    The Come Around.

4.    Pull Through Turn in Break Time.

5.    Push Breaks.

6.    Exiting Push Breaks with Come Around.

7.    Circle Break.

8.    Come Around to Lollie Kicks.

9.    Lollie 2

10.    Multi Turns (here triple turns)

11.    Multi-turn with an apache (behind the back)

12.    Throw out from come around

13.    Multi throw outs

14.    Throw out behind the leader's back turn

15.    Outside free spin, cross hand catch and bring back to closed position

who are the dancers and author?