4. Pull through turn

Separation on 1...

...the turn led on 2,
gent's hands waist high

...half-reconnected on 4

...re-connection complete
on 5

This figure diverts from the 8-count pattern to a 6-count pattern where the follower is turned 360 degrees counterclockwise on 6 counts before each resumes the 8-count footwork.

For the leader: On 1,2, he does a rock step and separates from the follower by stepping back with his left on 1, and stepping in place with his right on 2 leading the follower to turn counterclockwise. He steps away from the follower and gently leads her to step away also. On 3, he steps forward and clockwise with his left foot. On 4, he steps by crossing over his left foot with his right foot. On 5, he holds with his left foot and goes back into closed position with the follower. On six, he steps with his left foot. From here the leader can proceed with his basic footwork starting with his right foot: step, step, hold, step.

For the follower: On 1,2, she is led into a rock step and separates from the leader by stepping back with her right foot on 1 and by stepping in place with her left foot on 2 while being led to turn counterclockwise. On 3, she steps with her right foot turning counterclockwise. On 4, she steps with her left foot turning counterclockwise. On 5, she does a hold with her right foot. On six she steps with her right foot. From here the follower can continue with her basic footwork starting with her left foot: step, step, hold, step.

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