2. Basic footwork in closed position

Balboa is a body lead dance. "Lead follow connection" is created by the leader and follower dancing together close in a hugging position so that the right side of the leader’s ribs are touching the center of the follower’s rib cage. The leader’s and follower’s feet are offset from one another so that the leader’s right foot is in between the follower’s feet and the follower’s right foot is in between the leader’s feet.

The leader should angle his body slightly relative to the follower so that his right shoulder is closer to the follower than his left shoulder. This angling is particularly important for when the follower is much smaller than the leader so that she can more easily breathe off to her right. The leader places his right forearm around the follower’s back and the follower rests her left arm gently on top of the leader’s right arm. The hand grip in balboa is leader’s left palm to follower’s right palm, ballroom style, with the forearms parallel to the ground.

In closed position, the leader steps back with his left foot and leads the follower forward on her right foot and this starts the footwork pattern.

Exercise: While doing the basic footwork, try to maintain connection with just rib contact and hold your arms away from your partner.

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