12. Throw out from come around

The Throw Out. To maximize
balance while on one leg,
keep the standing leg
slightly bent at the knee
(not visible in the picture).

Notice the gent's feet.
His left foot (to the right
in the picture) is crossed
behind his right foot
(left in the picture).

The first four counts of this pattern are the same as the first four counts of the come around. From count 5...

For the leader: Starting with his weight on his left foot, on 5, he crosses behind his left leg with his right foot and gently pulls the follower forward with his right hand on her back. On 6, he turns in the direction the follower is traveling and steps with his left foot. On 7, he kicks with his right foot toward the floor in direction of the follower. There should be a counter balance spin at this point in the leader’s left hand as the follower reaches the end of her line. On 8, he steps forward and pulls and releases the follower with his left hand leading her to travel forward and turn counterclockwise.

From here, the leader does a come around turn clockwise around the follower as she turns counterclockwise. The leader should grab hold of the follower on the third step and complete the connection on the hold of count 4.

For the follower: Starting with her weight on her right foot, on 5, she is leader to step foward and past the leader with her left foot. On 6, she turns clockwise and steps with her right foot facing the leader. On 7, she turns slightly clockwise away from the leader and kicks to her right with her left foot.

The follower’s turning away from the leader slightly should create a wind up for counter balance connection. On 8, the follower turns counterclockwise and steps toward the leader with her left foot. Continuing in counts of 8, on 1 she steps with her right foot turning counterclockwise. On 2, she steps with her left foot turning counterclockwise. On 3, she steps with her right foot turning counterclockwise and reconnects with the leader. On 4, she holds with her right foot and allows her connection with the leader to turn clockwise on her left foot.

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